"My PRESENTATION today is on Anorexia nervosa." 

skinny crazy small was not a story I wanted to tell. It was a story I had to tell.

Diagnosed with anorexia at eleven, I struggled to find my own eating disorder experience reflected in the media. Everywhere I looked were narratives that told me my sickness was the result of a harmful relationship with my weight or a fixation on unattainable beauty standards. I was a kid who, until I got sick, genuinely liked my body. Thus, even the undying support of those closest to me could not overpower my feelings of isolation.

I returned to a healthy weight, but was too ashamed to admit that I needed psychological help. I didn’t want to be sick, not in “this” way, so I kept quiet in therapy. As a result, the mental symptoms of my illness festered for years. Amidst my struggle I often thought, “if I just knew I wasn’t alone, I could get the help I require.”

Out of that need, skinny crazy small was born. It is my story. The story of a quirky and strong-willed girl’s battle with anorexia. It is a story that will take you to the front line of my eating disorder and hopefully, no matter who you are, or what your personal struggle may be, let you know that you are not alone.  

     - Sylvie Mae Baldwin





NYC Premiere

dir. Ben Gunderson 

TheaterLab (NY)



Regional Premiere

dir. Jenny Estill

Isaac Studio (WA)

PlayFest 19 Workshop

dir. Jeni Mahoney

Key City Public Theatre (WA)

skinny crazy small • www.skinnycrazysmall.org

Sylvie Mae Baldwin

Writer // Performer // Producer

Kevin Paley

Production Manager

Ben Gunderson

Production Assistant

Tatianna noelle

Production Assistant

Harry Bainbridge


Forest Erwin

Camera Operator

Patrick Burgess

Sound Designer

James Kolditz

Lighting Designer


Technology Coordinator

Fay Simpson

Acting Coach

skinny crazy small was shot with generous support from


Jill Anthony, Jarrod Bates, Kate Berman, Gina Ferraro, Emma Gutt, Josh Henderson-Cox,  Kelly Letourneau, Allison Mickelson, Ella Mora, Libby Peterson, Mauricio Pita, Anna Walden & Elias Wygodny